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Viewers are talking about “scary” Simon Cowell

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Viewers of the British X-Factor are shocked by the appearance of jury member Simon Cowell (60). In the most recent episode he wore shorts that made his legs visible, and they are far too thin according to the viewers. They even find him too scary to look at.

“Simon Cowell is already wearing his Halloween mask”

Simon’s changing appearance has been the subject of discussion for some time. The jury member completely changed his life after he fell down the stairs in 2017. There were even rumors that he had a stomach band, but he still denies that. “If that had been the case, I would admit it. The diet that I follow is only about what you put into your body, ” he said earlier.

Yet fans were shocked when they saw the legs of the music magnate in the talent show. According to viewers, he goes way too far with the diet. “Simon Cowell has already finished his Halloween mask. I would reclaim my money, Simon! ”, One of the responses sounds. “Is it me or is Simon looking f*cking scary nowadays?”

Not only his weight loss is the talk of the day, his teeth also amaze the viewers. Recently, Simon has had very unnatural white teeth and the viewers talk about that.

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