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Violent: Temptation-Laura shares photos of abuse

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During her participation in the Island of Temptations, Laura Moenert received a lot of criticism. She would be too boring and often looked tired. This caused a violent reaction, and Laura even said that fans of the program beat her. Now she shows images of her abuse.

“I dare to walk alone more”

“Wow! Today exactly four months ago I was hit on the street, ”said Laura. “The reason was that I would ruin the Island of Temptations this year. I have been looked after for the past four months, and yesterday was my last visit to the doctor. I had a difficult period. Besides this incident, there are many people who comment on me, but also on Roger. ”

She didn’t even mind the comment, she says. “I could handle it well,” Laura explains. “But what I found really terrible was that people spoke so badly about Roger. I escaped so much from Roger. Without him, I would have been much worse. Without his protection, I would not feel safe on the streets. He is the reason. ” why I can still walk in a healthy, mental and physical way. ”

Laura explains that the violence took place when it all ended with Roger. “But, despite this, Roger always protected me on the street, helped me at critical moments and for this I am infinitely grateful!” Said the blonde. “It was very difficult for me to hear how some Temptation viewers talked about Roger because of the last episode. This is so unjustified, and I also feel guilty. I’m also very sorry that the creators cut the episode and got stuck. ”

The Star of Temptation is now much better. “I already feel much better. I also feel much stronger thanks to the visits of my doctor. I have great prospects, and I dare to go out a little, ”Laura frankly says. “I want to thank you for your compassion (…) And last but not least, I would like to thank Roger once again for his support. I could not have done it without your help. You are a winner! ”

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