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Why was Renee Zellweger gone for almost 6 years?

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Renee Zellweger may be most known by the Bridget Jones trilogy but the actress won an Oscar for her role in Cold Mountain in 2004. This role put Zellweger in the spotlight and she was offered one role after the other. Yet she hasn’t played in films for years. The 50-year-old actress now explains why.

“I made some wrong choices,” Zellweger begins. “That’s why I needed that time to think it over. I’ve got bad advice from people around me. It was a difficult period. But I don’t see it as years wasted. I learned a lot from it and I needed that too. I feel much better now and I am grateful for the fact that I have been able to get over it”.

Time for self

The actress barely had time for herself, so she needed that rest period:

I have been ‘gone’ all those years because I no longer took good care of myself. I looked like someone who doesn’t take good care of themselves too. That’s how it felt, I felt worthless.

Zellweger says that her acting performance here also suffered:

I reached a point where I “stepped out of my body” and saw myself acting. I really thought to myself – Please stop!

Now she can handle it again. For example, she was recently featured in the new series What If on Netflix, in which the actress plays the leading role. She also likes to make a fourth Bridget Jones film:

When Helen Fielding returns, I love to participate, that sounds great!

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