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Will this woman be the new 007(F)?

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James Bond would say goodbye to his iconic number 007 in the upcoming movie. According to the Daily Mail, the British spy in Bond 25 hands over his duties to a young woman.

Captain Marvel actress Lashana Lynch is said to have been snared for the role of the new 007. A source reports to the newspaper that her character is insensitive to charmer Bond. ,, Of course Bond is interested in the new, female 007 and tries to seduce her. He is perplexed if his charms have no effect on this brilliant, young, black woman, “says the insider.

The idea for the female 007 would come from writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. According to rumors, Lynch is not the new Bond: she is a new character who takes over the secret agent’s code when Bond leaves MI6 to retire.

According to Daily Mail, sources involved in current recordings say the new film will start while “pensionado” Bond is in Jamaica. Spymaster M, played by Ralph Fiennes, calls 007 to tackle a new problem. ,, There is a scene where M says: “come in 007″, and then Lashana – black, handsome and woman – walks inside. It is such a moment that you drop your popcorn from your hands. Bond remains Bond, but he is replaced as 007 by this beautiful woman. ”

With the transfer of his code name within the British intelligence service MI6 it is still not clear how James Bond himself will live on in the film series. Daniel Craig plays the role in the coming part for the last time. The names of Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy have often been mentioned as successors. Robert Pattinson was also mentioned recently.

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