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Will we see Nate Archibald again in the new Gossip Girl 2019?

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Chace Crawford (34) is very enthusiastic about the comeback of Gossip Girl. He is so enthusiastic that he is happy to resume his role of fortune seeker Nate Archibald.

Last week the comeback of the popular series was announced at HBO Max. Although the interpretation of the cast has not yet been brought out, actor Chase Crawford is happy to take on the role of golden boy Nate Archibald again. “I doubt it’s the right way, but I’m open to it,” he said in OK! Magazine.

Although the glory times of Gossip Girl are in the past, the cast is still very close.

“We are friends for life and, despite the fact that we are all busy with other things, we try to keep in contact with each other as much as possible,” says the actor.

He regularly sees Ed Westwick when he is in London, and he loves Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynold. “He’s such a great guy,” he praises the happy couple.

The new series takes place eight years after the original and introduces new characters. Gossip Girl 2.0 will have ten episodes and will emphasize how teenage life in New York has changed in the last decade.

“It’s just a new look at this specific New York society, with the idea that society is constantly changing,” said showrunner Joshua Safran. “So how has this world changed, how has social media and its effect changed? All these things enable us to look at the world twelve years later instead of just repeating the story. None of us is interested in redoing a story. “

HBO Max, where the series will be shown, is the new streaming service from WarnerMedia. The brand-new streaming service is reported to be launched in America in 2020. It is not yet known whether he will also come to the Europe. It became clear earlier that Friends and Pretty Little Liars, among others, are moving to HBO Max.

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