The Amsterdam Museum no longer uses the term “Golden Age” because it does not serves well. In the coming period, the museum will remove the designation from all expressions and at all locations where the collection is displayed.

For example, the Amsterdam Museum is changing the title of the permanent exhibition it provides in the Hermitage. Hollanders of the Golden Age then becomes a dull “Group portraits of the seventeenth century”.

According to Tom van der Molen, curator of the museum, the term “Golden Age is linked to national pride and” the many negative aspects of the seventeenth century such as poverty, war, forced labor and human trafficking are being ignored. ”

The Amsterdam Museum indicates that it wants to be a place that is relevant to everyone and where all people feel welcome. “That is why the Amsterdam Museum gives room to people and stories that are not or insufficiently heard.”

On September 29 there is a symposium about which stories about the seventeenth century – the time that the Netherlands was an economic and military world superpower and counted internationally in trade – should be told by whom and how.

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