Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to Washington, resigns. Several secret memos leaked out on Sunday, in which the ambassador mentioned President Trump as being rude and incompetent. Trump then said that the US no longer wants to cooperate with Darroch. The ambassador now calls his own position untenable.

“Since the embassy official documents leaked, there has been considerable speculation about my position and the duration of my appointment as an ambassador,” he wrote in a letter to the British Foreign Ministry. “I want to end that speculation. The situation makes it impossible for me to fulfill my role in the way I want.”

“Although my appointment will only end at the end of this year, I think that under the current circumstances it would be responsible to appoint a new ambassador,” Darroch continues.

Prime Minister May says she spoke to the ambassador this morning. She finds it regrettable that he feels that he cannot stay on after his long service record. May says good governance depends on full and honest advice from officials.

The two British prime ministers Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt praise the departing ambassador. That is remarkable, because Johnson refused to say anything about Darroch in the television debate with Hunt last night. State Secretary Alan Duncan of Foreign Affairs says that Johnson “threw the ambassador for the bus”.

Johnson himself says that the person who leaked the memos certainly did not serve civil servants. He believes that the jobs and career opportunities of civil servants should not be jeopardized due to politics.

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