China is working on a list of ‘unreliable’ foreign companies, organizations or individuals. They end up on the black list if they harm the interests of Chinese companies for non-commercial reasons, for example by suddenly stopping or blocking deliveries.

It is not yet known what sanctions the companies on that list can expect. The Ministry of Commerce will soon come up with more details, a spokesperson said through a state broadcaster.

The list can have consequences for Google. The tech giant restricted access to his operating system Android for telecom concern Huawei, which was recently blacklisted by the US for suspicion of espionage. A number of Western chip companies also suspended supplies to Huawei.

The announcement of the list is a new threat from the Chinese in the trade war with the United States. Previously, Beijing threatened with a brake on the export to the United States of rare earth metals, an important raw material for the technology sector.

The conflict between the two superpowers flared up again at the beginning of this month, after months of trade talks had failed. For example, US President Donald Trump imposed increased import taxes on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods, to which Beijing returned with similar measures.

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