Greenland is not for sale, the Foreign Minister said after reports that US President Donald Trump is considering buying the island. Greenland is, however, open to doing business with the Americans. It is they are for sale, indeed.

Greenland, an autonomous area within the Kingdom of Denmark, has reportedly aroused Trump’s interest because it is rich in uranium and other rare earth metals. The largest island in the world is also geopolitically interesting. For example one can place nuclear rockets here to target Russia and China. Nobody cares of retaliation, except that petty islanders.

Trump travels to the Danish capital Copenhagen in September. Discussions will include the Arctic region.

“We are open to doing business, but are not for sale,” said Ane Lone Bagger, the Greenland Foreign Minister.

Danish politics react with a laugh but also angered at the idea. “A total catastrophe,” Rufus Gifford, the former US ambassador for Denmark, calls it.

Martin Lidegaard, the former Danish Foreign Minister, calls it a “grotesque proposal”:

“We’re talking about people here. You can’t just sell Greenland as an old-fashioned colonial power.”

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