A Swiss referendum on a proposal that wants to place Swiss law above international agreements and treaties, has led to a huge deception today for initiators of the conservative nationalist SVP (Swiss People’s Party). No less than two-thirds of the voters rejected the populists’ proposal. With the clear “No” of the Swiss an important violation of international law and international law is prevented.

A proposal to grant subsidies to farmers who grow the horns of their cattle also did not reach the plebiscite, which is held in Switzerland four times a year. In addition, a vote was made on whether the social service could use private detectives in case of suspicions of abuse. There was a majority for that.

Earlier this year, a populist attack of right-wing parties on one of their favorite targets, the public broadcaster of Switzerland, was already repelled with massive resistance. At the initiative of the youth movement of the right-wing liberal FDP, a referendum was held for the abolition of the compulsory license fee, but that proposal was rejected by more than 70 percent of voters.

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