The leader in the Conservative leadership struggle warns of the consequences if the brexit deadline is extended again. Boris Johnson stressed during a debate with four rivals at the BBC that a “catastrophic loss of confidence” in politics is threatened if his country does not leave the EU by 31 October.

The former mayor of London took part in a television debate for the first time since the start of the party election. He was asked whether he would postpone the brexit if a deal was within reach. Johnson reacted evasively with the statement that a deal on October 31 is “extremely achievable.”

Johnson stated that the Brexit has already been postponed twice.

“If we don’t get out on October 31, I think we’ll all pay a high price,” the politician warned, referring to the fact that his party has plummeted in the polls. However, he also emphasized during the debate that nobody wants a chaotic Brexit without a deal.

The well-known Brexiteer got again by far the most votes in the second voting round: 126 versus 46 for number two, minister Jeremy Hunt. He says he is prepared to postpone the Brexit for a while, but only if there is a prospect of a better deal with the EU on 31 October.

A lot of attention goes out to Rory Stewart, the outsider who seems to be catching up. He blames his rivals for making unrealistic promises:

“They promise that they will get a new deal from Brussels, which will not work. They promise that they will get a brexit without a deal through the House of Commons, which they cannot achieve.”

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