The Dutch Labor Party has received countless negative reactions because of a provocative photo that was posted on the party’s Twitter channel last night. In the photo, the Amsterdam PvdA councilor Hendrik Jan Biemond is posing in a yellow burqa. He did that during Pride Amsterdam yesterday, together with people from the LGBTI community.

The colored burkas are intended as a protest against the partial “burqa ban” that took effect on 1 August. Since then, face-covering clothing may no longer be worn in government buildings, schools, hospitals and public transportation.

Although the ban applies to all facial coverage (including masks or balaclavas) opponents see it as an anti-Muslim measure. On signs that the protesters held, you can read: “burqa queens” and “no human is free, until we are all free.”

The protest action is affecting hundreds of people. Former member of parliament Daniel van der Ree (VVD) dismisses the action as “bizarre”. “On to the 0 seats in this way (which I do not want the PvdA),” he says on Twitter.

But there is also criticism of the one-man action within the PvdA itself. “Everyone must do what they want. But I don’t think it’s wise to provoke like that, “says Jaap Stalenburg, member of the Provincial Council in Friesland on behalf of the PvdA. He emphasizes that it is absolutely not an official statement from the national group. “The Amsterdam department is not the PvdA happy. An occasional recalcitrant department. ”

Former PvdA MP Keklic Yücel does not have a good word for the promotion. “My PvdA is always fighting for women’s freedom and equality and not for women’s lack of freedom and inequality,” she says on Twitter.

Also with Jan-Bert Vroege, council member at D66 in Amsterdam, the protest action makes the eyebrows frown. He argues that the PvdA actually helped to ensure that a burqa ban was introduced in the Netherlands.

In the turmoil surrounding the Dutch burqa ban, all proponents of the “freedom” to package yourself are always overlooked something very significant: the prophet followers who voluntarily roll themselves into such a religious package are no better in their views than their bearded male allies.

In their religious doctrine they reject democracy, the rule of law and secular society, and everyone and his local PvdA’er who attracts a burqa to defend their “rights” and “freedom” is complicit in spreading dangerous, subversive and potentially violent ideas. Or, a little more nuanced quote from René Cuperus:

“Whoever defends the burqa has a bad time with the integration of Muslims.”

Arm, pepper spray and reparations

Integration is exactly what some people will absolutely not want and will never want, because their religion is beyond all earthly reason. On Sunday evening we showed how the peasant burababes in The Hague were accompanied by the former terror suspect, Syria gang and radicalized confused man Moussa Lghoul, aka Abou Ilias, aka Topa de Barbaar.

A search round on social media links even more radical ideas and people to the proponents of the face-grinding clothing. In the run-up to the burqa ban, the Facebook Veil of the inflammatory language was buzzing in which well-known hate speakers such as Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven mingled with the promise to pay burkabutes. We also read from all kinds of caliphate caps about pepper spray, fighting lessons, deos & lighters or stun guns.

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