Walt Disney banned smoking years ago. In productions from many other studios, however, there is still plenty of work, but now Netflix also seems to realize that this is actually not necessary at all, or at least it exposure can be decreased. After an investigation, Netflix will reduce smoking scenes in their productions.

The BBC reports that Netflix, following a recent study by the Truth Initiative, which found that popular programs contain increasingly frequent scenes of smoking, is reducing the number of smokers in their own films and series.

Lots of smokers in Netflix content

The research found that “much more” cigarettes are shown on Netflix than on regular American television. For example, smoking was done no less than 292 times in the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In Stranger Things, too, there is something going on, namely 444 times in the first two seasons.

Netflix has indicated that smoking in programs aimed at young people is only allowed if the series or film becomes historically or factually more accurate. In other programs, the choice is made by the makers.

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