In Paris, a demonstration against a controversial security law and police brutality turned into riots on Saturday. Protesters collided with police, destroyed shops, cars and barricades. In one case, a bank office was looted. The police intervened with tear gas. At least 42 people have been arrested. Several officers and firefighters would have been injured during the riots, according to the police on Twitter, how much is not known.

Saturday began with a peaceful demonstration, but according to the Police, 500 troublemakers “infiltrated” the demonstration. These rioters sought out a confrontation with the police. Most of these demonstrators were dressed in black. Some of them also had hammers with them to break up stubble tiles.

Around 6 p.m. the official demonstration was over and the police began to move people home. At that time, however, the riots were still going on and at 8 p.m. at least 42 people were arrested.

It is the second weekend in a row where it is restless in the French capital. France has seen a wave of protest since a proposal for a security law was announced. Not only in Paris, but also in Marseille, Lyon, Lille and other French cities, people went out to express their dissatisfaction.

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