The southern separatists in Yemen have committed a coup by taking over control of Aden. The internationally recognized government has its seat in the southern port city, which was previously also supported by the southern separatists. A number of days were fought.

The separatists have now agreed to a ceasefire proposed by the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia. They claim to have taken possession of various military camps and the virtually empty presidential palace in Aden – the president resides in the Saudi capital Riyadh, just like many ministers. The home of the Minister of the Interior was also occupied after he was brought to safety by coalition forces.
Common enemy

The separatists want to separate the south of Yemen. They differ ideologically from the government, but they did fight against a common enemy. The coup is therefore a breach in the coalition, which, under the leadership of the Saudi Arabia, is trying to bring the Houthi rebels supported by Iran to their knees. The Houthis have owned capital Sanaa since 2014, among other things.

“It’s over,” a separatist told Reuters news agency. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen speaks of “a coup against institutions and the internationally recognized government”.

In the last few days, dozens of civilians and fighters were killed in the fighting between the separatists and government forces.

The war in Yemen has cost the lives of tens of thousands of people over the past five years and plunged the country into a deep humanitarian crisis.

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