The United States is going to raise import tariffs on products from China if both parties cannot agree on a trade agreement. That said US President Donald Trump on Tuesday at a cabinet meeting.

Trump said at the meeting that the talks about an agreement were going well, but stressed that China had to sign a deal “that I like,” Trump said.

“If we do not reach a trade agreement with China, I will simply raise the import rates again,” said the US president.

China and the US have been engaged in a trade war for almost a year and a half, with both parties taking turns levying import duties on products from the other country. The trade war is one of the reasons why the world economy has slowed in the past year.

The hope increased last month that a partial agreement could be signed at an economic summit in Santiago, Chile. This agreement would be a first step towards ending the trade war.

However, this summit was canceled due to unrest in Chile and since then there seems to be increasing uncertainty as to whether the sub-agreement will come in the first place. The US and China still disagree on how and when import duties should be reduced and how many American agricultural products the Chinese will import.

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