US President Donald Trump will suspend all air traffic from Europe to the United States from Friday midnight (local time) for a period of thirty days. The entry ban for Europeans is a measure to prevent the further spread of the new coronavirus in the US.

“To prevent new cases from entering our country, I will suspend all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days. This is the most aggressive and comprehensive attempt in modern history to deal with a foreign virus,” said the president during a speech at the Oval Office.

The measure will take effect on Friday, but will not apply to residents of the United Kingdom. Americans can also re-enter their country after a thorough check.

The president first reported that the ban would also affect freight traffic between Europe and the US, but later took it back. “The restriction stops people, not goods.”

Trump said the European Union did not take the same protective measures as the US and did not stop flights from China to Europe early enough. The US already imposed an entry ban on foreign travelers who were in China fourteen days earlier at the end of January. Similar restrictions were imposed at the end of February for people who stayed in Iran.

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