“Trumps’ attempts to overthrow the elections are unprecedented in the history of the United States,” headlines the New York Times. These efforts consist mainly of the taking of legal proceedings and the demand for recounts in different states. Nothing special, at all.

There is no concrete evidence of fraud, and the authorities call these elections the most secure elections in the history of the United States. Yet Trump continues to refuse to accept Joe Biden’s victory.

So far, the Republicans have initiated over 30 legal proceedings. Judges have rejected, refused or settled most of these cases, writes The Guardian. There are two lawsuits in Michigan, and in Wisconsin, the required $ 3 million has been paid for a partial recount that will last two weeks. Team Trump is still trying to prove his point through lawsuits in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

They want to slow things down to make sure that after December 8 there is still uncertainty about the outcome. That’s why Trump has summoned two Michigan senators to the White House to discuss how they can still influence the outcome in their state.

If there is still uncertainty after 8 December, the Senators can try not to follow the election results but to nominate the electors themselves. In Michigan, Republicans have the majority in legislative power, so they could nominate Trump voters instead of Biden voters. That would be controversial and then it would go to Congress on January 6th, because then all the results of all 50 states would go to Congress.

The results are still being established. Even if they manage to remain unclear after December 8, and even if they manage to convince the Republican majority in that local legislature to still appoint Trump voters, I think Congress will still say, “sorry, this is not going to work”.

On January 6, Congress meets to determine the final outcome.

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