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Amazon is working on wearable that recognizes emotions of the wearer

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Amazon would be working on a gadget that can recognize human emotions, Bloomberg news agency reports Thursday based on internal documents and anonymous sources.

The wearable must be worn around the wrist and is described as a product for health and well-being.

The device would be made by the software team behind voice assistant Alexa and Lab126, which previously provided hardware for Amazon phones and smart speakers.

According to Bloomberg, the wearable is linked to a smartphone app. Microphones are built in with which software should recognize the emotional state of the user.

For example, technology could eventually advise the wearer on how to interact better with others.

It is unclear exactly how the device should work and what it will look like. A beta test is planned, but it is not known whether the wearable will eventually appear on the market. Amazon has never released wearables.

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