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First solid proof that HIV can be cured published in Nature

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American scientists have succeeded in destroying HIV in cells of mice. Researchers from Temple University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center used CRISPR technology and the ‘Laser art’ therapeutic treatment. They speak of a ‘huge breakthrough’. The results are published in Nature.

“HIV can be cured”

“We believe the research is a huge breakthrough,” said Kamel Khalili, president of the neuroscience department at Temple University. “It proves for the first time, forty years after the AIDS epidemic, that HIV can be cured.”

CRISPR is a method with which genes can be edited. Laser art is an improved form of therapy that many patients with the virus now receive. It ensures that infected cells cannot multiply.

Researcher Howard Gendelman of the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases says that the good results do not necessarily mean that it also works for people. According to him, the number of cells with HIV that must be destroyed in a human body is much higher.

Scientific revolution

Khalili is hopeful about the results. “We will continue testing,” he says.

Gendelman adds: “We are on the eve of a scientific revolution in our knowledge of hereditary cells. This can change and improve the course, quality and length of our lives.”

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