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Google Pixel 4 gets a 16 megapixel camera and telephoto lens

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Google is not the most difficult when it comes to the Pixel 4. After the search engine company has already shown the design, we now also know more about the Pixel 4 camera. It seems that the new Google phone gets a telephoto lens.

Google Pixel 4 camera: first details announced

A while ago Google decided to leak the Pixel 4 early to avoid the rumors. This showed that the device has two cameras on the back. It seems that one of these sensors becomes a telephoto lens. This allows you to zoom in without a loss of quality.

XDA Developers claims that. The website delved into the code of an early version of the Google Camera app and found here several references to the cameras of the Pixel 4. Among other things, it can be read that the device is likely to receive a primary lens of 16 megapixels, with in addition therefore the telephoto lens.

Little is known about the front camera. The code does show that the Pixel 4 has an infrared sensor. This most likely indicates that the device has face unlocking, although this is of course no surprise.

Finally, the night mode, or Night Sight, will probably be improved soon. XDA has found several indications that indicate that the special camera mode will soon recognize the sky and any clouds. This sharpens the contrast between the subject, such as a person, and the background. It is not clear whether this function only works on the Pixel 4 or whether it also rolls out to earlier Google phones.

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