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Google invests 1 billion euros in construction and expansion of data centers in the Netherlands

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Internet giant Google is planning to invest 1 billion euros in the construction of a new data center in the north of Holland and the expansion of an existing data center in Eemshaven in Groningen.

The construction of the new center in the municipality of Hollands Kroon was previously announced. More money is also being made available for further expansion in Eemshaven. This is in addition to the expansion of half a billion euros announced last year.

475 employees

The company expects that construction and expansion will provide "an average of a thousand people per day, per location". When all work is completed, a total of 475 people will work at the two locations. The projects must be completed next year.

Google says that the two locations run 100 percent on green energy, for this use is made of four locations where wind and solar energy is generated.

The company reports that this is the first time it has been building a second location in a European country. With the investment of 1 billion euros, the total amount that Google has put in Dutch data centers so far is 2.5 billion euros.

Near Microsoft

Hollands Kroon also has a Microsoft data center. According to the Dutch Data Center Association, the Netherlands has a total of 95 data centers. That is excluding the new from Google. Most are in the Amsterdam region.

The Netherlands is known as an attractive location for building data centers. With the Amsterdam internet exchange (ASM-IX), one of the largest in the world, the internet infrastructure is very good. In addition, various internet sea cables come here, such as the important 'Atlantic Crossing 1' in Beverwijk.

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