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How Moon came to Life and Life came to Moon

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Until now it is unclear to scientists how the Moon was formed. Moreover, according to the the researchers Schulze-Makuch and Ian Crawford the surface of this celestial body was once inhabited by the living creatures. Really it is hard to believe in it. The new theory of Moon formation is however somewhat more on a common wisdom side.

The most acknowledged theory of Moon formation is the hypothesis of the Great Collision. It was introduced in 1984. According to it Moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago after Earth collided with some celestial body nicknamed ‘Theia’. As an aftermath of the collision Theia and part of the Earth material were thrown to the orbit of the Earth. This is what formed proto-Moon.

Computer models pointed out that if this is what happened, the majority of Moon material should be of Theia. However there is multiple proofs that chemical and isotope composition of Moon is identical of those of Earth. New research published by the Nature Geoscience peer reviewed scientific magazine tries to solve this controversy by shifting the time of Theia-Earth collision. According to new theory it happened 50 million after the sun lit up. The Earth was red hot lava ball and the depth of the lava ocean was 1500 km.

Series of the computer models showed that if Theia has collided with this ocean most of the Theia debris have gone to open space while lava excreted to orbit has finally ended up as Moon.

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