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Hurricane Dorian reaches Bahamas, US is bracing for impact

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The hurricane Dorian crossed the Bahamas on Sunday night. The eye of the storm has now passed the Abaco Islands. Wind speeds of up to 295 kilometers per hour are measured. This makes Dorian one of the toughest hurricanes to ever hit the US coast.

The hurricane is heading for the US state of Florida, where thousands of people have already been evacuated. Gas stations and supermarkets keep their doors closed as a precaution. Many stores still have empty shelves, because many people have hoarded food in recent days.

Dorian has become a category 5 hurricane, the heaviest category. The American National Hurricane Center (NHC) speaks of Dorian as an “extremely dangerous” hurricane.

According to the weather institute, it is the heaviest hurricane that has ever occurred on the western islands of the Bahamas. The prediction is that Dorian will rage as a hurricane for at least another five days.

Not only the hurricane itself can cause major problems, but the torrential rains and gusts in its wake, the NHC warns.

Initial images show damage to buildings and cars. Dozens of car alarms sound in the streets. The road is littered with pieces of wood and metal. For the time being there are no reports about victims. Dorian seems to scramble Florida and move further along the coast, but that can still be accompanied by considerable wind blisters. Residents of other municipalities along the coast are advised to look for a safe place. Among other things, the area where Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s beloved golf resort is located, seems to be affected.

In the US states of Georgia and South Carolina, north of Florida, people are evacuated and residents prepare with sandbags for the approaching hurricane. Federal aid organization FEMA has sent large amounts of food, water and emergency generators to the southern states.

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