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Your video with 'viral potential' can yield quite a bit

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An awkward cat, a failed skateboard trick or a funny toddler: videos of these often score well online. Companies like Newsflare, Jukin Media and Storyful know that too. They scour the internet all day looking for videos with 'viral potential'.

If they find one that they think will attract a lot of viewers, the maker is asked whether the video is for sale. The same goes for Pascal Tan, 25, who posted a video on Instagram in which he tries to walk through a wall, just like Harry Potter. The mail soon received thousands of likes.

A viral company in the US also saw that. They use smart software, which checks social media for new films that quickly become popular.

The software also extracted Pascal's video, just like hundreds of other videos every day. Employees then check whether they expect a movie to really do well

An employee of Jukin Media, a large American viral company, told The New York Times that most successful virals are almost all in the categories cute, fail or win.

If the employee sees the right elements, a maker is approached. Pascal: "They said: we want to close a license deal. The video for me and my friend will sell, so. If that would work out, we would get 70 percent of the proceeds. I thought: deal, maybe we really deserve it a few tens. "

The viral company that bought Pascal's video then put it in a database. Media such as Ladbible, Unilad or Mashable also look into this. Because it takes a lot of time for them to search for new virals, these types of databases are a great solution. Buying a movie also prevents hassle with rights of owners. And the media do not mind paying a few hundred euros: the videos on their site provide millions of views and therefore quite a few advertising costs.

When Pascal woke up the next day, he saw his video everywhere. "From Ladbible to Unilad and 9Gag, basically every platform that I look at myself," he says. "I didn't know what happened to me. My video had already been shared thousands of times and had millions of views. I remember walking down the street thinking that no one will take it away from me anymore. I am an internet sensation!"

"Need to get more"

After a while the money came. "First $ 1400, then a few hundred dollars, then a little more", says Pascal. "A nice extra." He tried to calculate whether the amount he received was correct, by keeping track of how often his video was picked up. That was difficult.

On the site of the company with which he closed the deal, Pascal saw his video for 200 dollars. "With the 2000 dollars that we have now received, I think we have been sewn," he says. "I think that if you add everything together, the video would have hundreds of millions of views within a few days," he says. "And that we should have received more. But then again, it was an adventure, and I would do it again!"

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