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Man behind iconic form iPhone leaves at Apple

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The man behind the recognizable forms of the iPhone, iMac and the iPad leaves Apple. Designer Jony Ive worked for the tech company for almost thirty years.

In the past, Ive worked closely with Apple's boss Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, and was the man behind the iconic and recognizable design of the Apple products.


According to Apple boss Tim Cook, Ive's influence on the brand's success cannot be underestimated. "Jony is unique in the design world and his role in Apple's resurrection cannot be exaggerated, from the groundbreaking iMac in 1998 to the iPhone."

Jony Ive, his real name is Jonathan, has worked in the Apple design department since 1992. The company was not doing well at that time. The then top found his work too revolutionary. A few years later, Jobs became the highest boss in the company. He saw something in the designs of Ive and promoted him to head of the hardware design team.

Own company with Apple as a customer

Since 2012 he was not only responsible for the design of the devices, but also for the appearance of the software on the screen.

Ive started my own company under the name LoveFrom. He does not completely break ties with Apple, because it is already clear that Apple will be a major customer of his.

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