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Nobody is ‘born this way’, the research states

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The sexual preferences of people are partly determined by genes, but there is not one specific gene that makes someone homosexual, a large study shows. Nearly half a million people participated in the study, about which the renowned scientific journal Science published yesterday.

Previous studies among twins and family members had already shown that sexual preference is genetically influenced, but scientists could not determine which genes that were exactly. Hundreds or thousands of people participated in earlier studies, but this time the scientists worked out well, particularly in Great Britain and the United States.

Markers related to homosexuality were found on five chromosomes; they are slightly more common in people who have had homosexual experiences than in people who have only had heterosexual experiences. But how exactly they continue to work is unknown. One of the markers was in part of the DNA that has to do with the sense of smell, while another has a relationship with baldness in men.

According to the researchers – two of whom are affiliated with both Amsterdam universities – the markers found on the five chromosomes hardly explain someone’s homosexual behavior. That behavior seems to be caused by another thousand other genes, all with a small effect, according to researcher Andrea Ganna.

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