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Unsecured database led to data leak from Gearbest, a Chinese web store

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The large Chinese webshop Gearbest has leaked data from a large number of customers. Researcher Noam Rotem from vpnMentor found one and a half million customer data in the database.

The data can be viewed because a Gearbest server is not secure. According to Rotem, “anyone without a password” can search for data.

New data was added every week, such as home addresses, e-mail addresses, order details and passport information.

Rotem tried to notify Gearbest, but the company did not respond to investigator reports. At this time, the database would still be unsecured.

According to the researcher, some orders are “quite revealing”. Not only data from users can be viewed, but it can also be traced, for example, who has bought which sex toys.

It is not known when the Chinese company closed the leak and how many users were affected. Rotem warns that

“users should know the risks of a website that does not make an effort to protect customers”.

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