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"Western intelligence services hacked Google's Russian counterpart"

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Western intelligence services hacked internet company Yandex in October and November last year. This is seen as the Russian alternative to Google and has 108 million users. Reuters news agency reports based on sources.

Reuters does not know from which country the intelligence service originates. The news agency points out that malware has been used, called Regin, which is used by the so-called 'Five Eyes'. The same malware was used in the hack of the Belgian provider Belgacom in 2014, the research site The Intercept reported at the time.

The 'Five Eyes' is a collaboration between intelligence services in the US, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Whether one of these countries is behind the attack is not clear, according to the news agency. It is not often that publicly talked about a hack by a Western intelligence service.

Read private messages

According to Reuters sources, the hackers were looking for technical information about the authentication of Yandex 'users. Possibly with the aim of posing as a specific user of the service and thus reading the user's private messages.

A Yandex spokesperson confirms that an attack has taken place, but the impact would have been small. "This attack was discovered by our team at a very early stage and neutralized before it could cause damage."

This contradicts what the sources say: the intelligence services would have had access for weeks without being found.

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