Amazon confirms that the company saves audio recordings and stores until customers manually delete the data. Or thinks that it is deleted,

Amazon has previously been in the hot bath because of media reports on how the company’s employees are recording and transcribing customers who have Alexa’s assistant installed.

Now Amazon confirms that it records its customers and retains both the recordings and transcripts forever, unless customers themselves delete them. You have to trust them that it is deleted, anyway,

It reports among other facts at The Verge.

The confirmation came after Chris Coons, a democratic senator in the United States, put a number of questions to the company. He is not yet satisfied.

“To what extent this data is shared with third parties, and how these third parties use and control the information, is still unclear,” he says in a statement.

Recently, Amazon was sued by a parent in Seattle who claims that the company’s smart speaker Echo illegally collects a database of millions of children’s voice recordings.

Several organizations that work for children’s rights have also alarmed that a child-adapted version of Amazon Echo kept customer data even after the parents had deleted it.

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