The self-propelled mower Arb – Tec Cutaro-mows 11 meters wide and weighs 8.5 tons. Due to the wide low-pressure tires, the ground pressure is low, according to the manufacturer.

ARB-Tec is best known in Switzerland for feed systems and hydraulically driven trailer axles. The Swiss manufacturer is launching a new self-propelled mower. The ARB-Tec Cutaro SR1100 mows 11 meters wide with three Claas mowers. Under the machine are wide low-pressure tires, with which the pressure on the bottom is minimal, according to the manufacturer. The Cutaro is in front at 710/50 R26.5 and behind 560/45 R22.5.

Under the hood is an electronically controlled 7.7-liter Mercedes engine with 350 hp. The mowers are hydraulically driven and hydro-pneumatically relieved. The speed of the cutting bars is independently continuously adjustable. The bruiser consists of spring-loaded teeth and is hydraulically driven. With it, you can adjust the speed or even turn it off to protect insects.

Up to 380 liters of diesel and 40 liters of Adblue go into the tanks. For transportation, the machine folds up to a width of 3.4 meters, achieving a maximum of 40 kilometers per hour.

At the Swiss trade fair Agrama, from 24 to 28 november in Bern, the manufacturer will be providing more information about the ARB-Tec Cutaro self-propelled mower.

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