Publicly disclosed documents about the Montenegro project regarding undisclosed foreign assets. The Tax Authority has made public documents regarding the Montenegro project. This 2017 project dealt with foreign assets that were kept hidden from the tax authorities. Among these documents is an action plan from the Tax Authority.

The Montenegro project became possible because the Tax Authority received data from the FIOD indicating that Dutch residents had active bank accounts or had interactions with the Credit Suisse bank in Switzerland. On April 18, 2017, the Tax Authority sent letters to 670 taxpayers, of which approximately 1/3 responded. On April 11, 2019, calls were made to a number of taxpayers.

The majority had an explanation for the phone contact with the bank. With the Montenegro project, the Tax Authority gained an additional means to address taxpayers with unreported foreign assets. This involved data related to phone contact with the bank, not just information about actively held bank accounts. The documents indicate that the project also aimed for a preventive effect.

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