Once in a while, bitcoin makes for a remarkable collaboration. This time it is the turn of El Salvador and Lugano city.

The Planning Forum will take place in Lugano this weekend. That’s not a coincidence. Tether is located there. Tether is the publisher of the eponymous stablecoin. They are responsible for the largest trading pairs on the largest exchanges. In addition to Tether, bitcoin is of course also on the agenda in Lugano. This is where the city and El Salvador meet. El Salvador adopted bitcoin as its national currency last year, alongside the US dollar.

Lugano and El Salvador want to play a role in the world of bitcoin in their own way. The goal is simple: jointly promote bitcoin. You can also think of exchanging knowledge between both parties. Bitcoin is new and still in development.

El Salvador also opens a ‘bitcoin office’ in Lugano. What exactly that means remains to be seen. Milena Mayorga is a representative of El Salvador. She is the ambassador to the United States for her country.

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