Inflation in the euro zone rose to 1.3 percent on an annual basis in June. The European statistics agency Eurostat reported this on the basis of a final figure, which is slightly higher than a provisional estimate.

In May the money depreciation amounted to 1.2 percent. Core inflation, excluding the impact of the sharply fluctuating prices for energy and food and beverages, came to 1.1 percent. That was 0.8 percent a month earlier.

Inflation in Great Britain remained stable at 2 percent in June, compared to a month earlier. The British National Statistical Office reported this.

In general, economists had also expected inflation to be 2 percent. The increased prices of food and clothing boosted inflation, while the costs of energy and cars exerted a downward influence on currency depreciation.

Inflation is in line with the objective of the British central bank, which is also aiming for inflation of 2 percent. Core inflation, without the fluctuating prices of energy and fresh food, rose 1.8 percent last month, compared to 1.7 percent a month earlier.

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