Supermarkets are preparing for the strongest sales increase in years. The Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) states this on the basis of its own figures. According to the organization, the revenues will increase this year mainly due to the higher VAT rate.

The turnover of supermarkets in 2019 amounts to more than 40 billion euros, the CBL calculates. Last year that was 38.7 billion euros. The increase is due to the higher prices for products that are mainly the result of the increase in the low VAT rate. According to the organization, consumers are not reducing their demand for products, despite the higher prices, says a spokeswoman.

The higher turnover from supermarkets has a downside, according to the chairman of the CBL.

“The costs of the new regulations must ultimately be paid by the consumer. The VAT increase and other cost-increasing measures will not make a positive contribution to the purchasing power of citizens. “

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