Farmers may be forced to keep more cattle in the stable now that the Council of State has declared Dutch nitrogen policy invalid.

Various organizations, including the agricultural and horticultural industry association LTO Nederland, the animal feed company ForFarmers and dairy company FrieslandCampina, warn in a letter to Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten.

The farmers say they are surprised by the statement about the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS). In particular, the decision that the grazing of livestock and the fertilization of land should not be made permit-free, because it cannot be excluded that this will have an effect on nature reserves in the area, raised the brows of farmers.

The organizations, all signatories to the Grazing Covenant, say that the permit requirement for individual grazing and fertilization is unworkable. They would rather see grazing and fertilizing exempt from permits, because this is inextricably linked to a dairy farm. They call on the minister to quickly come up with suitable policies to keep cows in the field.

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