As Donald Trumps hints on Google/China treason European Union prepares to launch investigation on the other giant – Amazon.

The European Commission is likely to conduct a formal investigation into online retailer Amazon, due to possible misuse of competitors’ sales data. The Bloomberg news agency reports this based on insiders.

Amazon would use the data from other online sellers who use its platform to take advantage of it themselves. The American company can, for example, extract information about popular products from it or which target groups buy what products.

Brussels has been conducting a preliminary study of the issue since last year. European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager (Competition) hinted several times that the case probably requires extra deepening. Both Amazon and the European Commission did not want to respond to the message.

For Amazon it would be the third time that Brussels takes the company up. There was already an investigation into tax agreements that the company made with Luxembourg. That country then had to reclaim 250 million euros from the online shopping giant because of an unlawful tax deal from 2003. There is still a legal case. In a competition case about e-books in 2016, the retailer was ultimately not fined.

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