No eternal love, let alone 25,000 euros for 25-year-old Kaat Leysen from Antwerp. The communication student had to leave the villa of the Love island dating program on Monday night and was given back her freedom and her smartphone on Wednesday evening. ”

Who said that women among themselves are by definition false false ones? When Kaat first had to leave the villa of Love island in Gran Canaria, the other participants burst into tears and it was kissed and hugged that it was a sweet delight. The student even got help with packing her suitcase, although a person wonders how deep that tear drop really was for those left behind: Love island is and remains a competition with 25,000 euros for the remaining couple at the end of the ride. Afvaler Kaat refuses to believe that the emotions at the farewell were fake: “I spent eleven days in that villa and the atmosphere was really good. The girls helped each other with their clothes, with their hair, with cosmetics. I really had a good relationship with everyone. No mention has been made of that money. ”

A jacked-up ego did not leave Kaat to Love island. No male single appeared to fall for her. “It soon became clear that none of the men in me saw their type. Not inwardly either. A pity of course and indeed not good for your ego. But I can hardly blame those men, people just have preferences. I quickly got rid of that and tried to make the best of it ”. Kaat spent eleven days in a villa full of cameras, without her telephone, without internet, without television, without newspapers, magazines or books. Then the total boredom has to lurk around the corner? “It’s getting used to. (laughs) You can only sing a song, have a race in the pool, mimic a game of animals. But that is precisely why you are very dependent on the other residents. You have to talk to each other, so that you really get a very strong bond in a short time. Do you know when I am bored? The week before I could go to the villa. I was already in Gran Canaria, but in a hotel, even without a telephone and internet. Nice hotel with a spa and a fitness, not like that, but you didn’t see the other candidates. That is why the discharge was so great when we ended up in the villa with ten. ”

Kaat left the villa on Monday night and flew back on Tuesday morning. Only Wednesday evening, after the Love Island broadcast showing her exit, did she get her freedom and her smartphone back. Kaat was prepared by the makers of the program for the possible familiarity that will now fall to her. Not to mention the responses to social media. They were not always neat; no one likes to be called a “bitch” with the explanation “no one wanted Kaat because of her appearance and now they see your personality and walk away” Kaat says she’s not going to look up those reactions: “Those reactions come from people who don’t know me; much more happens on Love island than what you see on TV. Whether I will use the psychologist? I don’t know yet, but I’m glad the opportunity is there. First I will read a few newspapers. And then prepare for my resits. “

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