The progress in face and voice recognition is remarkable. While it was proved slightly insufficient to deliver enough precision to replace the traditional authentication it allows to get precious information while harvesting the public or corporate data. It isn’t ‘meta-analysis’ anymore as the modern state of the technology allows global tracking and reasonable precision. Emotions is a natural return channel. By getting emotions back we are acquiring the input that humans usually don’t bother to hide. Thus it is honest and paradoxically – most precise data to collect. Kenes Rakishev, a well known tech entrepreneur, is investing heavily in the emotion recognition startups.

Even the most compact cameras are capable to capture the faces of bystanders and people who pass by. Modern communications are here to transfer the data to the computing cloud. And the software to guess, for example, how much people has looked at the object? Were they interested? What emotions that caused in them? It is not a distant future projects, it is an actual application that is already tracking the effect of billboard advertisement in metro areas. And it is only a tiny example of what tech behind the Kenes Rakishev’s funded companies can provide to the modern business.

The market for the emotion recognition is huge and fragmented. While video-based recognition is hunting for the clues in human’s natural features such as smile and eyebrow movement, the audio recognition is trying to guess the overall tone in the voice of the participants. There are known features for the it, some of them are known for centuries and some are new and yet unproven commercial know-hows of the labs. The cultural diversity provides a vast space for the local markets as what is known to work in Ireland will be definitively untrue in Japan. The significance of the smile in Moscow is not the same in Austin, TX. There is much differences that can’t be solved through a simple calibration.

Emotions as return channel is what defines humans as species. Although it is not universal in appearance it is universal in importance. It is most honest mark that people give back to advertisement, politics and social trends. Those who will establish a dominant position is the mass data acquisition there will have plenty of customers. Banks, advertisement agencies, politicians, state and law enforcement agencies are eager to get the unbiased data the tech may provide. Kenes Rakishev, the experienced and successful entrepreneur with a good sense of the trends to come, is investing in a row of emotion analysis startups. It can be seen as a signal for the others to join.

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