Kenes Rakishev, one of the most influential and versatile entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan decided to sell the Ukrainian BTA Bank branch. The buyer is next generation banking and financial system. The company hopes to reproduce the extreme success of their digital approach to the financial markets both on b2b as well as b2c/c2c sides. Kenes Rakishev commented on the occasion.

“The sale of the Ukrainian BTA Bank is a logical development of a long history. In Russia and Kazakhstan, we passed a banking license and became an asset management company. In Ukraine we did not want to do this until the last moment, as we were in the negotiation process with various interested parties. The offer of was the best,” commented Kenes Rakishev, the owner of BTA Bank.

As for 2021 Rakishev ranks 8th in the ranking of the 50 most influential businessmen of Kazakhstan and 9th in the list of the richest businessmen in the country. Kenes Rakishev owns shares of companies from various business sectors. His primary interests are mining, financial technology and high-tech startups.

JSC signed a purchase and sale agreement for 100% of BTA Bank Ukraine (a subsidiary of Kazakhstan BTA Bank owned by Kenes Rakishev), the completion of the transaction is planned in the first half of 2022. has signed a purchase and sale agreement for 100% of BTA Bank Ukraine. It is purchased exclusively for obtaining a banking license in Ukraine. This will allow us to launch fintech products, open mobile wallets, accounts, etc.

Meanwhile Kenes Rakishev decided to support the rapidly growing digital Islamic financing. It is red-hot destination which is crucially important for the Central Asia.

Kenes Rakishev shares the philosophy and concept of the project, and his participation in the capital will provide new opportunities for the development of the product line and the expansion of the Tayyab customer base in Kazakhstan. The businessman is also considering his participation in the capitals of the Russian and Turkish divisions of the startup.

The first digital Islamic financial service Tayyab announced the entry of Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev. He became an investor in the Kazakh division of Islamic Fintech along with the founders and current international investors, including the Dubai Fintech Ventures venture fund, whose partners are the Visa payment system, the Dubai International Financial Center and one of the largest financial institutions of the United Arab Emirates – Mashreq bank.

Kenes Rakishev biography, achievements and social life

Kenes Rakishev was born in 1979. His father, Khamit Rakishev was the head of the Kazakhstan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aselle Tasmagambetova, the well-known philanthropist and environmental activist, is Kenes Rakishev’s wife.

rakishev kenes, aselle tasmagambetova
Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova.

Kenes Rakishev holds several diplomas. After graduating he began his career in KazTransGas and Intergas. Eventually he became the head of marketing division in these companies. At the same time he was appointed as an advisor of Interior ministry and the department of education. He is also an advisor of the Foreign ministry.

Rakishev was the first Kazakhstani who made an IPO at NASDAQ stock exchange. His company, Net Element stands behind online payment systems widely used in USA.

Kenes Rakishev invests in high-tech startups. It is done through the private venture fund SingulariTeam. Kenes Rakishev network of companies are united under Fincraft brand.

Saby charity foundation is the oldest and most active charity in the country.
Saby charity foundation is the oldest and most active charity in the country.

Kenes Rakishev participates in charity and is one of the co-founders of Saby, the first private charitable foundation in Kakakhstan.

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