The American aviation authority FAA has again found a problem with the Boeing 737 MAX. The devices have been on the ground since March due to problems with the software.

The new defect was discovered last week during a test in the simulator. It would again be a computer error, but according to experts it is not clear whether the problem can be solved with better software. Microprocessors may need to be replaced.

Boeing is working on new software for the MCAS, the system that should prevent the aircraft from crossing. That system may have played a role in two crashes with a 737 MAX in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Test flights

The error now discovered may mean that the 737 MAX devices will be held on the ground longer than Boeing had hoped. It was previously announced that the changes could already be approved at the end of this month, after which test flights could start. The FAA now requires that the new problem be tackled first.

Another additional software problem was discovered in April. According to Boeing, this was "a relatively minor problem" for which a solution was already available. Another problem with panels on the front of the wings of some devices could easily be remedied.

Boeing has indicated that they agree with the new FAA requirement and that a solution is already being worked on.

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