The streaming platform Netflix meets the EU requirement to offer 30 percent local content in almost all of its European markets. This is according to a report by market researcher Ampere Analysis.

The European Union requires that streaming platforms provide at least 30 percent local content in their European offer.

”In a number of markets, those quotas have already been introduced, ” Ampere Analysis notes. “It can now be determined that Netflix is only a fraction away from fully meeting those European requirements.”

A notable exception are the United Kingdom (non-EU) and Ireland, where 27 percent of the catalogue offered consists of European titles. According to the report, France also remains slightly below the required level, as do the smaller markets Belgium and Switzerland.

According to Ampere Analysis, a recent shift can be mentioned here. In December last year, less than 30 percent of European content was found in 16 of the 27 markets surveyed.

Even in the United Kingdom, Netflix only needs to add 408 European titles – or 953 titles of external origin – to reach the quota set. For France, Belgium and Switzerland, even less effort is required to meet the required conditions.

Netflix is not the only streaming platform that is boosting the share of European content in its catalog. “Netflix is ahead of its rivals in the European market, but in Germany, Switzerland and Italy Amazon also reaches a level of more than 30 percent. In the United Kingdom, Amazon and Netflix are now at the same level of 27 percent. In the other markets, Amazon’s local content scores between 16 percent and 28 percent.”

HBO Max has already expanded a considerable European offer. “In most European markets, a score of more than 25 percent is already achieved,” say the researchers.

“Disney has a long way to go. Here, the supply of European content is around 10 percent. But just like its industry peers, Disney has also recently greatly increased its local European production.”

The researchers do point out that these results can be viewed from two angles. ” On the one hand, the quotas may have inspired producers from the United States to step up their European activities, ” it is emphasized. “On the other hand, local and regional producers may also have taken advantage of the new requirements to offer the streaming platforms a larger catalog.”

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