Netflix and Steven Spielberg have once again been in the news. The legendary, but stubborn director is not a fan of the American streaming service and does not hide his opinion. The Jurassic Park man, for example, is of the opinion that a Netflix film should not come into contact with an Oscar. There would be a difference between Hollywood productions and productions that make streaming services.

Netflix does not let grass grow over it and responds to Spielberg’s statements. For example, the streaming service also lets you know about the cinema, but the company comes up with some (justified) criticisms. Netflix says it is important to find that everyone in the world can view content at the same time. Also, not every village or municipality has a cinema and loose movie tickets can run in the papers.

The criticism of Spielberg is therefore no longer of this time. It is clear that the director sees Netflix as a danger and not as an enrichment of the film world. He and his “Hollywood” have to take into account that Netflix films can also win Oscars. Incidentally, Netflix will certainly not be the only one here. Companies such as Apple and Amazon, which also have streaming services, can also make Oscar-worthy material. In any case, it will not be the available budget.

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