All phones, tablets and other consumer electronics in the European Union must be able to use a standard charger with a USB-C connection. Also, the sale of chargers should be disconnected from the sale of devices. This is stated in a legislative proposal that the European Commission (EC) presented on Thursday.

According to the EC, this is much more convenient for consumers, as many different chargers are now often needed for different devices. According to Commissioner Thierry Breton, this must change:

“Soon, all members of a family will have to be able to use exactly the same charger, regardless of their phone.”

In addition, a universal charger could save a pile of waste, as manufacturers now still supply standard chargers with their products.

Especially for Apple, the new legislation will have a lot of impact, as the company now provides all its mobile phones with a Lightning connection. Many manufacturers of Android phones already use the USB-C connection.

The new law will not apply to earphones, smart watches and fitness trackers. This is due to the size and the way these devices are used, the EC reports.
Apple doesn’t like European plans

Apple reported earlier that it does not like the plans of the European Union. According to the tech giant,

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