In large parts of the Netherlands there are problems with pin payments in stores on Monday afternoons. On the website it appears that there is a sharp increase in the number of reports. Shopping people also complain on social media. In many Albert Heijn stores in particular, long lines are created.

It is not clear what the cause of the malfunction is and how long the problem will last. The outage started around 4:15 pm.

Albert Heijn confirms through a spokesperson that the problem is at least in his stores.

“But we do not yet know whether it only plays at Albert Heijn. And we also don’t know what the cause is, we are investigating that now. ”

People who stand in the long lines can still pay with cash. “But there will be people who don’t have that in their pocket,” says the spokesperson. “They must then leave their messages behind and come back later. That is of course very annoying, I hope this is resolved quickly. “

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