The company behind cleaner app Helpling is no longer allowed to ask money from cleaners who come to their clients via the app. There is employment mediation, the court has determined, and according to the law no compensation can be charged for this. Helpling stated that it is no more than an online bulletin board, where cleaners and individuals can find each other. It requires between 23 and 32 percent commission on cleaners.

The FNV trade union had filed a case on behalf of one of its members, demanding that Helpling even employ the cleaners who help them with assignments, because there is an employment or temporary employment relationship. But the judge finds that this is not the case, so Helpling is not obliged to apply the collective labor agreement for the cleaning industry.

Helpling calls the court ruling that it is not an employer an important signal to other tech companies and start-ups. The company has been given until 1 August to adjust its payment structure.

It may now be asking for a contribution from households, so users from the cleaning services. Helpling also sees a subscription system as an opportunity to earn income.

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