Shell’s upwards trend is good news in the long term for the creditworthiness of the company, but not for the next five years. That is the conclusion of credit rating agency Moody’s in a report. They emphasize that Shell has “gained a strong position” on the gas market and is increasingly focusing on renewable energy as a biofuel.

“The more active attitude of Shell in overthrowing its energy mix will become more important for the rating in the coming years,” said Moody’s analyst Sven Reike.

As an example of Shell’s new strategy, he mentions the branch of the oil and gas giant that also makes investments in solar and wind energy.

If Shell eventually boosts its CO2 neutral activities, it will protect the group against declining revenues from traditional oil and gas activities, Moody’s said. The credit rating agency expects that the adverse financial effects will only start to play after 2040.

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