Software engineers are in great demand, all over the world. This has an effect on salaries. In the US, these are by far the highest, according to research by Codingame, a training/mediation agency for game developers. Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom follow in the ranking.

In the United States, the average salary for a software engineer is $ 95,879 (USD) per year. In 40% of this profession, the salary is even above 100,000 USD. At 5%, the annual compensation even exceeds 2 tons, according to figures from the Codingame study.

But before the exodus of programming talent gets underway, it’s also good to look at the cost of living in popular regions. a high income can be saved by necessary expenses, as so costs a house in San Francisco on average (!) 1,471 million USD and throughout the state of California, the average house price is 684,800 USD.

In New York it is not much different. In Manhattan, the median price of a home (say, the price at which most homes are sold) is 1.858 million USD. In the worst neighborhoods (upper Manhattan), that median price comes out at 699,999 USD. In Boston it is slightly better but the median price is still at 710,000 USD.

Switzerland takes the crown on house prices

According to the Codigame survey, Switzerland ranks second in terms of the highest salaries for software developers, namely, an average of 90,462 USD. The average house price in Zurich-Switzerland’s software hub-was USD 3.3 million in the fourth quarter of last year. In third place in the ranking is Canada with an average salary of 71,193 USD. Toronto is the IT center there followed by Ottawa and Vancouver. Average house prices in those cities are $ 1,059 million, $ 607,631, and $ 1,042 million, respectively.

In the United Kingdom, a software engineer earns an average annual salary of $ 68,664. The average price for a lift is around 1,137 million USD. And Sweden closes the top 5 with an average salary of 66,750 USD. Malmö is the place of choice for startups and a home costs an average of 352,177 USD. So Sweden comes out as the most important place in the top 5.

  • Germany salary 61.390 USD,
  • Netherlands salary 58,348 USD, property 424,124 USD
  • Belgium salary 54.603 USD
  • France salary 47,617 USD
  • Spain salary 39.459 USD
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