The giant skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex has changed hands at an auction in Switzerland. The lucky bidder had 4.8 million Swiss francs left for dino Trinity. Skeleton T. rex yields less than expected at auction: winning bid is below the expectations.

The final amount is somewhat disappointing. Auction house Koller had expected a return of 5 to 8 million euros for the ’unique and beautifully restored copy’.

At an auction in Zurich the bones of a dinosaur unearthed in America years ago could be bid on Tuesday afternoon. Once assembled, the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex Trinity is 11.6 meters long and almost 4 meters high.

This is the third time a T. rex has been auctioned. More than a quarter of a century ago, more than 7 million euros were deposited for Tyrannosaurus Sue. The other skeleton, named Stan, was even more complete. For him, 29 million euros were paid three years ago.

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