Energy storage and conversion technology are necessary to ensure that energy is retained in the future, even when the sun is not shining or when the wind is blowing less. FME, the entrepreneurs’ organization for the technology industry, warns about this in a National Action Plan.

In 2030, the electricity supply is expected to consist of 80 percent solar and wind energy. Energy Storage NL, FME’s energy storage platform, sees that the expected growth already leads to undesirable situations. Recently it turned out that the solar panels of a Drenthe football club can no longer be connected to the net.

The trade association expects more and more ‘traffic congestion’ on the electricity grid due to the increasing supply of sustainable energy.

That is why it is just under ‘high voltage’. In addition, much sustainably generated energy is still lost because there is too little storage capacity. That really has to be different.

In the action plan, FME asks national and regional authorities to facilitate the transition to renewable energy with modern rules. Attention to energy storage and conversion is therefore one of the most important points for the upcoming Provincial Council elections in March.

For energy companies it would also be more attractive to relieve the grid by using or storing energy itself. And grid operators should also give priority to solar and wind farms that use energy storage systems for new connections, according to FME.

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